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Mates for Inmates – An inspiring new campaign

Dog lovers and those who want to make a difference in the lives of women so not fortunate are being invited by Melbourne Citymission to become part of a unique campaign to support a program that matches abandoned dogs that need love and care with female prisoners.

Launching May 1, The Mates for Inmates campaign will raise much needed funds for the program which will help women in prison gain employment and assist them to transition back into the community.

The program, run in conjunction with Animal Aid, is capable of dramatically reducing re-offending behaviour by giving the women valuable work skills and responsibilities gleaned from training a dog. (Similar programs in the US and Europe saw 98% of participants not re-offending and with 66% returning to employment).

Not only good for the women, the program rehabilitates homeless dogs, and increases their adoptability by providing them with training and love.

The program will cover all aspects of dog grooming, walking, obedience and health.  At the conclusion of the program, the women will have the opportunity to apply for the Certificate 2: Dog Handling which will help them to secure employment on their release.

The campaign champion is ‘My Kitchen Rules’ star and veterinarian Carly Cheung.
“Mates for Inmates is such a great concept, looking out for our fellow humans as well as our canine friends. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful cause’, said Carly.

Help support Melbourne Citymission’s Mates for Inmates campaign, by visiting or phoning 1300 364 507  to make a donation or sponsor a dog, or keep up to date with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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