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Justice for Franksy

In February of this year, a beautiful six-year-old French Bulldog named Kransky died at Sydney International Airport while waiting to be loaded onto an airplane heading for Germany. Kransky was left in a cage on the hot cement floor of a cargo shed with no supervision, no special care nor air-conditioning, and died from heat stroke – an excruciating and agonising death.  His owners want answers and are exploring legal options.

Read Kransky’s story and join the campaign to raise welfare standards for travelling animals at airports, so that no other animal should suffer and die the way Kransky did.

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  1. Caroline says:

    What a terrible thing to have happened to such a beautiful dog! I’ve heard of other cases where pets were lost or died while waiting at the airport! Hope this petition will raise awareness about the welfare standards for travelling animals and get proper welfare procedures in place so that this doesn’t happen again. Very sad ..

  2. Raewyne says:

    Kransky was the most georgeous fur baby -
    i had the honor of knowing him for seven years and he is very sorely missed in my apartment building-

  3. Rob McClory says:

    I had the privilege of having fun with Kran for 6 years. My wife is unfortunately not a dog lover as I am. Kransky was the only dog she would let come near her and grew to love him, as did all who had the pleasure of knowing him. It was a rotten, careless,needless, waste of a great little guy & somebody needs to be accountable.

  4. Belinda McClory says:

    6 months on we still miss our beautiful boy so terribly. Please sign our petition and share Kransky’s story so that no other beloved pet dies such a wretched, senseless death.