Pampered Pooches

Dog bikini trimmers and canine psychics anyone? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the modern dog...

By: Pooch Staff

Modern dogs are sitting pretty

It’s a fact – Australians adore their dogs. Over the course of a dog’s life, an owner spends, on average, more than $25,000 on their pooch, according to a recent survey by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper - and that doesn’t even include the initial cost of a dog.

With all that cash available, an army of helpers have sprung up to help time-poor Australians care for their pets. A trend that began in New York and London (doggie Brazilian bikini trims, anyone?), it’s quickly spread to Antipodean cities. And forget traditional walkers, groomers and trainers – there’s now a whole lot more to choose from.

To advise on your pet’s diet, book into a dog nutritionist, masseurs are on hand to provide stressed pets with some much needed chill-out time and dog psychics can solve incessant howling problems and other animal emotional issues.

Salon style

Deborah Ryan, founder of Dog Grooming Australia, says dogs - and their owners – are now becoming accustomed to boutique service at grooming salons, furnishing her new doggie day spa with stylish décor straight from an interiors magazine.

“We’ve used metallic and charcoal paint on the walls, along with a silver mirror with candles. If you put a dog in a nice atmosphere, everyone’s happy,” she says, adding that luxe candles, tapestries and cushions sit side-by-side dog bowls and brushes so the owners feel pampered, too.

“I know of another dog salon in Melbourne that has little potted Bonsai trees as you walk in. It’s clean, crisp and welcoming. It’s really important,” she adds, explaining that the full doggie treatment at her Bowral-based salon includes dog massages to relax her furry clientele.

Importantly, dog massages can also pick up more serious issues. “The dogs have a massage in the bath – it makes them feel good and relaxed and, although we don’t diagnose, we look more in-depth at a dog than probably anyone else. We can point you in the right direction – if your dog needs to go to a nutritionist, we will let you know.”

The far side

When it comes to bonding with your dog on a deeper level, why not consult a pet psychic? Leonora Faferko, Australian pet medium and author of Heartspeak - Loving Messages from your Departed Pet, can connect with animals, stopping dogs from chasing cats and even curing incessant howling.

“I look into the dog's eyes and then send my words to them telepathically. I receive a message the same way in return,” she says. “I’ve spoken to all kinds of dogs, from daschunds, alsations, mixed breeds, huskies, cavaliers and jack russells.”

Of course, the pet army also caters to more glamorous doggie desires. The Purple Bone salon in the fashionable London suburb of Notting Hill offers dogzilian ‘sanitary hair trims’ and pawdicures (involving a paw trim and paw balm). While in London, remember to visit Selfridge’s new Pet Boutique and try a Puppyangel dog jacket, with Chanel-esque print, on your pet. Because she’s worth it…

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